TellyHUB wireless headphone

The TellyHUB wireless headphone is an excitingly new wireless audio headset allows watching television, listening to the radio and music playback without disturbing surrounding people. The TellyHUB wireless headphone lets you wirelessly regulate the sound volume of the TV program you tuned into on any regular or HD television sets, or modulate your music playback on any regular/HD/Blu-Ray DVD/CD players and multimedia devices. The in-the-earpiece FM radio of the TellyHUB wireless audio headset is an upside feature provides you plenty of tunes to make it through your commute, your workout, and beyond. You can be sure this easy to install TellyHUB wireless headphone in its soft cushioned earpieces delivers you the high quality HiFi stereo sound effects at your fingertips without the worry of distortion. Unlike others on the market, the wireless transmission hub that bundled with the TellyHUB wireless headphone not only works well on all types of television sets, it works great on home theatre system, DVD/CD player, iPhone/iPad/ iPod, all Samsung Galaxy wares, BlackBerry and more…

The TellyHUB wireless headphone is also excellent for the hearing impaired watching TV with volume on low!

Each set of the TellyHUB wireless headphone comes with a wireless transmission hub, a wireless audio headset with an in-the-earpiece FM radio, and a stereo adapter.

How it works…
Simply hock up the television set or the multimedia device with the wireless transmission hub and activate it, then turn on the TellyHUB wireless headphone. By now you should be enjoying your TV program or radio, or much more music playback privately in a nice and quiet environment provided by the TellyHUB wireless headphone!

Key Features:

•   Wireless reception of TV programs and music
•   Watching TV without disturbing surrounding people
•   Listening to music privately in a nice and quiet environment
•   HiFi stereo playback in an extended spatial sound field
•   Great for the hearing impaired watching TV with volume on low

Product Name: TellyHUB wireless headphone
SKU: 9232820101
Unit price: $29.95
For set of one complete unit
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